Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Clothing Spontaneously Combusting

Today my clothes just HATE me.

I wake up this morning and rush to get ready for school. I grab a pair of jeans - one of only two or three pairs left that doesn't have a hole in the left knee - get dressed and run downstairs to put my shoes on. As I'm pulling a pink Converse onto my left foot, I hear a RIIIIIIIIP coming from my butt.
(That's never good.)
My brother, sitting nearby, also hears it. Turns out I've somehow managed to rip a 4" gash in the right butt cheek of my pants. AWKWARD. So much for that pair of jeans. Into the trash it goes as I grab another pair (this one with a torn-out left knee) and run out the door to class.

I get to school, and as I sit in class I'm studying my orange hoodie. It's seen much better days. The cuffs are totally shredded, and practically coming off. It doesn't look that bad, because the hoodie is rust-colored and was designed with embroidery patches that create holes in the fabric. So the cuffs aren't screamingly noticeable. But again, it's a garment on its last legs.

The pink Converse aren't in good shape, either. The fact that I'm still wearing them despite how torn up they've become is something of a running joke with my friends. I used to think tossing them in the washing machine would be a good idea, since they're disgustingly filthy (but Converse look best when they're lived in, right??) but now I'm worried they won't survive the process.

But I am wearing a spiffy new t-shirt from Threadless. First time wearing it outside the house. So at least that looks good!
...or not. As I'm sitting in my Mythology class, the girl who sits behind me points out that there's a large hole in the back of my t-shirt. Turns out the shoulder seam had split and unraveled about 3". LAME. The shirt's not even tight, so it's not as if I popped the seam.

So I guess I need to start investing money into a new wardrobe, since everything's falling apart.
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