Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Just a regular Tuesday.

Church group was really fun tonight. The group has shrank so much since our first meeting back in January - only six-eight people show up at each meeting now. I wonder why all the others didn't stay. Did they think we weren't deep enough? Were we uninteresting? Too conservative? Not conservative enough? A lot of the people who stopped coming didn't manage to make it every week, so maybe they just weren't that committed to the whole idea of giving up an evening every week to talk about Christian living. (You can't honestly call it a Bible study, because for most sessions you don't need a Bible. It's more of a take a theme and run with it sort of thing).

It's nice, though, to have a smaller group because you get to know everybody so much better. Everyone speaks up, and the environment is just freer as shyness wears off.
One problem - by 9 o'clock, everyone's pretty worn down and 'clocked out' from the discussion, so wrapping it up gets awkward. But people still want to stick around and chat afterwards. Seanie hates that; we didn't leave until 10:30pm and he likes to be in deep sleep by that time so he can get enough rest before work the next day.


Seanie and I also went to Marshall's today. Following up on yesterday's crumbling clothes fiasco, I wanted to try and find some jeans at a low price, but there was nothing at Marshall's. Thew few jeans they had in my size were either torn up or super-skinny. Skinny jeans are an awful trend that I just want to go away, so no way am I buying those...and I don't need jeans with prefabricated holes in them. As my current selection shows I am perfectly capable of making the holes myself. Le sigh.
But I did buy some cute sandals (they're wedges, though - sorry, Jeannie! I know you hate them!) to wear with summer dresses so I guess I can start busting out skirts again.


Dinner was a Pizza Hut pizza. Haven't had one of those since like, second or third grade? It was not as greasy as I expected, but the dough is really sweet. I wonder if the add tons of sugar to it or something...
Tags: church, clothes, food, small group

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