Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Summer hours are here! I'll soon have money again!

My Spanish and Math classes both meet on Friday, but since I work 8-5 that day I've been ditching. Never a good move, especially since teachers know that students will skip on Fridays and love to have pop quizzes that day. I've been waiting for the spring hours to start at RHA, since that is when my hours will shift to 2-9 instead of 8-5. Originally, they were supposed to start April 1st, so my hours shouldn't have interfered with school at all. However, the Board of Directors decided to delay spring hours in a cost-cutting move.

Last night I get an e-mail from my boss letting me know that spring hours are starting, well, today. (She did apologize for the short notice.) I wasn't sure my co-worker got the e-mail, too, so I went to work this morning at 8am just to make sure I covered all my bases. Lucky for me, she was there so I was free! But that gave me some time to burn, since it wasn't worth driving all the way home when I'd just be coming back to the Saratoga/Cupertino area in a few hours.

So I headed over to Lush so I could see the pile of new products they've launched in the last few weeks. My old boss Deb was working, and it was really fun to see her. She kept complaining that I should "tease" her by stopping by and reminding her what an awesome worker I was. She's been having a heck of a time hiring replacements; both of the newbies that started working after I left quit or were fired this month. Ouch!
Also bought some chocolate at the Belgian Chocolate Cafe. Couldn't resist! I managed to keep myself away from the tea shops, though, and prevented pointless spending on that at least.
Tags: lush, rha

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