Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Said it (yes I did) and it was true

I don't like talking to my brother about religion because he's so anal about everything and he doesn't listen to different points of view. Now, before you go "Oh, those diehard Christians are so pigheaded and stubborn and generally bad" - stop. He's not diehard at all; that's my job. He's a fairly standard, average-level Christian, whereas I ought to be somewhere in the Bible Belt.
Anyway, there was a show on that was discussing Satanism in Rock music. I was watching it, because this is a topic that really interests me. I do think that Satan's hand is at work in a lot of today's music, including the work of some of my favorite bands. *cough*xjapan*cough* The show was discussing bands ranging from the Backstreet Boys to Queen to Marilyn Manson to Dr. Dre to you-name-it. Very, very unique and disturbing. But it's very hard to concentrate when your brother keeps giggling.
Anyway, at the end of this show they were showing different footage of abortions, and it was disgusting. I mean, I've always thought abortion was murder anyway - no matter how justified - but man. The point is really driven home when you can see the aborted fetuses on the screen. Eeeeeeww...all covered in blood to boot.
Today was a minimum day, so I went with Heidi all afternoon. At her house we watched The Princess Diaries. In retrospect, there were manymany better ways to spend the afternoon, but I can't exactly turn back time, can I? Next time I think I'll definitely decline any invitations to go play, though. I have a lot of projects at home that are in desperate need of attention.
I had a scary moment today. My typing speed and accuracy have been rapidly declining. When working with a typing tutor earlier today I couldn't get above 105 WPM when I used to be able to type 125+, and my accuracy was often below 95%. Bleah.
Well, I've got a Boogie Man to research. Later babes (and dudes.)

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