Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Curry dinner!

It was a slow evening at work. The pool just opened on Friday, so a lot of residents haven't realized they can use it yet. There were no parties booked. Mike hadn't left any projects for me. Since it was the first week of summer hours, very few people knew I was even in the RHA Office. So I spent all four hours in virtual solitude.
(It was nice. I liked it.)

Bryan called. I guess he was feeling lonely/bored so he invited me over to his house for dinner. Since the house is still heavily under construction, and we have no kitchen, the thought of a nice home-cooked meal was just too good to pass up. Seanie had gone home to Morgan Hill, but when Bryan called him next he decided the prospect of a social evening was worth coming back to San Jose.

When I arrived at 9:30, Bryan was still cooking. He made me a drink (blueberry juice, sprite, blackberries....something else?) and we chatted 'til the curry was done. I razzed him a bit about cooking rice in a pot on the stove (why would you not own a rice cooker???) and he gave me grief for my general uselessness. Always the hallmark of a good night, right?
Chicken, curry, zucchini, squash, and brown rice. Good stuff. He gave me this HUUUUGE bowl (he's a 6'2" Nordic giant, and I didn't think to explain that my tiny stomach couldn't possibly eat the same amount of dinner that he enjoys) of food and even though I stuffed myself to the point of bursting, I think I finished less than half of it. How embarrassing. But he gave me a tupperware container to stick the remainder in, so now I have lunch for tomorrow. Huzzah!

Seanie has a funny dynamic with Bryan. He both likes the guy, and is intimidated by him, because at 25, the same age as us, Bryan has accomplished much of what remains a pipe dream to Seanie and I:
- Bryan has a career. He is a drama teacher at a local high school. That's a sweet gig.
- He owns a house, although his inability to hold onto a renter is a never-ending source of grief.
- He's very confident, something Seanie's been struggling with lately.
Basically, Bryan's where you're supposed to be halfway through your second decade. Meanwhile, Seanie's stuck in a job he hates and I'm just transferring out of junior college. I'm generally content in my rut, but Seanie's not.

But enough of that downer. At any rate, it was a grand ol' evening.
Tags: bryan, food, seanie

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