Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Who gets a cold at the end of April?

I woke up this morning with a sore throat. I mean, we're not talking just a little itchy. It hurt to swallow and it was hard to breathe. Very strange.

I moped in bed for a while. Just wasn't feeling like moving. When I took a shower and felt a little better, I left the house for a while, but the relief was short-lived and I was back within the hour to rest up 'til 2:30, when I had to drive across town for a dentist appointment. This appointment was two months overdue, but my teeth were fine. No new cavities. Whew! Seanie was practically livid when he heard that. "YOU SUCK AT BRUSHING YOUR TEETH!" he raged, "YOU NEVER FLOSS. HOW CAN YOUR TEETH BE IN BETTER SHAPE THAN ME?????" Got me! He finally concluded I must have had more fluoride treatments as a kid, and that sounds as valid a reason as any to me.

After my toothy outing, Seanie and I watched TV for a while, taking in the first couple of episodes from the second season of Avatar: The Last Airbender. We got hungry and decided it was time for an In-and-Out Burger run (best fast food burgers, hands down!) but as we were driving down Coleman to Santa Teresa, Mom called. She was meeting a co-worker at Olive Garden to eat up on hearty Italian food before virtually fasting for the next few days. (She has a colonoscopy on Thursday.) I managed to wheedle our way into her dinner plans, and Seanie and I joined her. Eating at a sit-down restaurant with her made us late to our Tuesday night church group, but no one seemed that interested in discussing the evening's topic ('The Bible and Science: Why They Are Friends') so we fast-forwarded through the discussion questions and wrapped up by ten, which was quite unusual.
Tags: sick, small group, tv

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