Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

It's funny. I'm too sick to go to school but never too sick for work.

Still sick.
Really, who gets sick in the spring?
The sore throat is a little less, but now I'm the phlegm queen. Coughing, sneezing, sniffling, and dripping liquids. Disgusting.

The remodeling of our kitchen continues. They ripped out the drywall and tinkered around with the electrical and the plumbing last week and just got around to putting the drywall back up earlier this week. They've painted the walls white and it looks so clean, relatively. The stripped-out floor still looks like crap, though, and I can't walk on it without worrying about splinters. That's OK. All the cut-out bits are where the outlets will be, naturally, or the lights.

I didn't go to school today; instead I stayed in bed and watched a documentary about prehistory Ireland. It was a bit dull - a lot of it was just historians walking around modern cities gabbing at the camera - but worth watching for the views of the countryside. It's such a beautiful, green country; I can't wait to visit it! (No, I don't have any plans to go. Yet.) How the Irish Saved Western Civilization" chest-thumping filled the second and third segments of the three-part series, but it is a little strange to think that Irish scholars and monks played such a large role in spreading learning in Post-Roman Europe.

My boss called and asked if I wanted to come into work early; of course I did! If nothing else, RHA is easy work even when I'm sick.
It was weird. When I got to work and walked into the office, I could not stop sneezing. ACHOO ACHOO ACHOO ACHOO every minute. I couldn't do anything! Couldn't type, couldn't read. Just sneeze. Being a snot factory is nasty business, I must say, but it's even worse when the Board of Directors is having their monthly meeting right outside your door, and EVERYONE can hear you.
Le sigh.
But hey, money! Can't complain.
Tags: ireland, kitchen, photo, rha, sick

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