Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Tuesday Night Social Hour, or A Failed Attempt at Spiritual Growth

Tonight was the last day of our small group's Why> Program, a series of video/discussion questions themed around Christian beliefs and why we believe them. Theoretically, anyway. The program is self-described thusly:
This six-week focus on apologetics and evangelism takes participants on a journey through six of life's biggest questions. Insights from award-winning apologists reach deep inside the hearts of seekers while giving believers new found ability to defend the Christian faith. For diverse study groups, it provides an incredible solution to the inherent conflict of teaching believers to spread God's Word while including seekers in the study. Participants experience incredible growth as they reach out to others both inside and outside the church.

Right. In actuality, Jud Wilhite's series was pretty useless. I mean, I always thought the major point Christian apologetics was to take information outside the Bible to prove the religion's validity...that is, to show that Christianity is the One True Faith utilizing tools of the world. Hmm. Am I making sense? Anyway.
Mr. Wilhite's lectures were really Bible-heavy, so I highly HIGHLY doubt any non-believer would be swayed by any of his arguments regarding why Jesus is the savior of the world. When he tried to step outside the Bible-crutch for his arguments, I found his conclusions so general (and of the 'the world is pretty complex, ergo someone must have created it' variety) that again, no non-Christian would be convinced, and even if one did Mr. Wilhite's rationalization that there must be a god, there was no reason why the Christian God would be your best bet.
But even if all this was pushed aside, the information was so generic and basic that it was like sitting through a junior high-level Sunday school class. Been there, done that. Couldn't wait for the series to end.

We had a lot of drop-outs in our small group after the end of the previous 'r12' group of lessons. I always kinda wondered if people were turned away by the other folks in the group, or if it was 'lessons' like these. I mean, I would like something a little more academically rigorous than generalized 'God is great, we love him lots, be a good person' tripe, like a study of the Bible involving actually reading and analyzing the text, or a look at the archeological evidence of the different civilizations mentioned in the Old Testament, or...or something.

I mean, I honestly can't say I think about the Bible or God any differently, or that this book/DVD series has caused my faith and relationship with the Almighty to grow. I get more of that just reading the Bible every night.
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