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Oh my gosh the tears are just flowing I am so sad

I watched Angel Sanctuary, and wow. That is one twisted, twisted series. The fantastic art of the manga didn't quite translate to anime, but the quality was still several steps above other series. In the middle of the third episode, tears ran. It was pretty intense. And Koyasu has such a seeeeeeeeexxxxxxxxxxy voice. It was painful, man.
But it was not half as painful as last night. You see, Saturday evening I went with Bandaid to the "VSU (Vietnamese Student Union) Fashion Show" at Oak Grove because Kitty was modeling. Oh my goodness - it was bad. First off, it was crowded, so Bandaid, Amy (friend of Kitty's) and I had to sit in the very last row. Lots of Vietnamese, man. Heaps and tons piled on top of each other (not literally) (well, in some cases it was.) It made me and my two accomplices feel quite white. James was supposed to sit with us, but he ditched us when he spied a closer seat. Darn him - he was supposed to be our translator! (Half the program was in Vietnamese.) I tried to find Mike so that he could translate instead, but he was videotaping so he couldn't come sit in the boonies with us. He recognized me, though. I wasn't sure he would, since Kitty wasn't with me.
The evening started with the national anthem - six students sang it, and they couldn't harmonize to save their lives! It was terrible. ;_; They sang it first in English, and then in Vietnamese. (For the record, the Vietnamese version sounded a lot happier.) Unfortunately, the evening just went downhill from there. The choreography for all the different models was terrible - people kept bumping into each other, or they'd walk at different speeds and lose each other. And the "casuals" were far from casual - skirts were everywhere! Kitty later told me that the four scenes had been "Preppy, Preppy, Pretty, and Grunge." (Grunge was the scene where they dressed like Britney Spears. o.O How is that grunge?) Where was the punk and the wild crazy fashions???? Anyway, though - several students sang in Vietnamese, and their voices couldn't carry or were just plain bad. >_<
There was martial arts, too. I didn't capture the studio's name, but it was one of the more interesting scenes. It was like watching the outtakes of a Jackie Chan movie. Students would walk out, set up the stunt, miss the stunt, try again, and again, and again until they got it. They ran really overtime - the music they'd selected restarted itself twice. (They had Sandstorm in the background, though - YAY!) The music wasn't always great, unfortunately. During one of the prom scenes the music stopped working. Some members of the audience held their cell phones up and played ringtones. (Sandstorm again!)
There was a Dragon/Lion dance - you know, where people put those giant masks over their heads and dance? I thought that was the best thing all night long, because the people actually knew what they were doing and executed it well. Everything else looked like they had a supreme lack of practice.
The worst bits were when the VSU performed skits in Vietnamese. Since our translator had wandered off, we three white girls were left without a clue of what was going on. In the last skit there were crossdressers, though! (Very important.) One of them was wearing a red tube top with [cones] stuck inside of it, and it kept slipping. Finally it slipped to his waist, so he turned around and did a booty dance while he re-adjusted himself. Very freaky.
I really wish I hadn't gone, though. I mean, despite a few entertaining bits it really was a waste of an evening. Bandaid was even more bored than I was. And then we got dragged to the cast party when all we wanted to do was go home. Bleah.
School tomorrow. Help. I don't wanna go.

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