Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Sean's Birthday Surprise

So I thought I was on top of the 'good girlfriend' thing in regards to Seanie's birthday. I'd get him a wetsuit. He's always talking about how much he hates swimming in the Pacific Ocean because it's so cold around here, but how he really really wants to take up surfing. So I thought a wetsuit would be the perfect gift.

Strike One: Dang, wet suits are expensive. No matter how I messed around with my budget, there was no way I could afford to get Seanie a wet suit for his 26th birthday.

But Eric, Kate's husband, had a pretty swell idea: buy Seanie a foam surfboard from Costco. Yeah, they're not as cool and they aren't so sturdy...but dude. Costco has an amazing return policy. They will take ANYTHING back. So get Seanie the surfboard, let him bump around with it 'til he breaks it, then take it back to Costco and exchange it for another board or get your money back. It would be Seanie's first surfboard. Let him make his mistakes on something that will cost less than $100.

Strike Two: On Friday afternoon, FOUR DAYS BEFORE HIS BIRTHDAY, Seanie goes out and buys a used surfboard. ARGH.

So we're back to square one and it's too late to order something on the Internet. Thank goodness I hadn't actually bought the surfboard for him yet.

...I ended up doing the lazy thing and giving him a check and a whining card telling him how he ruined his awesome birthday present.
I'm a guilt-tripping girlfriend that way.

We went to breakfast at Scramblz, a breakfast 'n' lunch diner a few miles from home, and mentioned to the waitress that it was Seanie's birthday. They brought out this MASSIVE slice of cake (freee!!) with rivers of raspberry sauce and mountains of white chocolate flakes and fresh fruit piled on top and in the filling. IT WAS SO GOOD. (Especially at 9:00am.) We couldn't even finish it, even though it was amazing. So yeah. Go to Scramblz for birthday awesomeness.

After breakfast, Seanie went down to Santa Cruz because he had the day off from work and I trundled off to school. My brother called to let me know that he'd picked up a giftcard from O'Neill - I'd asked him to do it the previous week but hadn't heard back, so I assumed it wasn't a 'go' - and so he and Seanie ended up meeting each other down in Santa Cruz. Sean ripped up the check I gave him and I wrote a new one for Kenny, so it all worked out in the end. Fun times.
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