Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

It's like stealing someone's lunch out of the office fridge...but kinda not?

There is a package of Drumsticks in the Clubhouse freezer.
It's been there for ages. Like, months. Just taunting me. There's no indication whatsoever to whom it belongs. I WANT TO EAT ONE.

I wonder what the protocol is. How long does a homeowner have to abandon their food before I can tear into it? There's also a half dozen tubs of vanilla ice cream that have just been sitting there for months, too. Frozen White Castle hamburgers that have been in the freezer at least a year (I don't want to eat those) should probably be tossed out, don't you think? But what if they belong to someone?
I mean, nothing enrages me faster than having my food eaten or thrown out without someone having the courtesy to at least ask. But there's probably one thousand people living in this community, so getting permission is virtually impossible.

So I'll just sit here and think about how much I want to eat the ice cream.
...yeesh. The fact that this is my biggest worry of the day is *probably* an indication that it's a little too slow at work.
Tags: ice cream, rha
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