Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

I spent most of Mother's Day with my dad, actually.

After work today I saw the Puccini opera La Rondine with my dad. I missed the first act, but made it for the second and third. It's not a happy story, of course - opera oh so rarely is - but no one died at the end, which is pretty unusual. Lots of romantic sappy songs. (Mom thinks her husband isn't romantic. The fact that Dad watches these tales of doomed love is proof that he's a big ol' softie, if you ask me.) The performance was pretty good, but since I was late and missed a third of it I never fully immersed myself in the story. Oh well.

It's Mother's Day, but Mom was away for the weekend so we didn't really do much. She came home around 7 and we got Chinese take-out for dinner. Heh. Maybe Mom's right and Daddy isn't so romantic. Next weekend, though, we're going to go to a fondue restaurant, so he'll totally make it up to her then.
Tags: mother's day, opera, theatre

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