Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Don't you want to keep that to yourself?

It always seems weird to me when people I don't really know start talking about their relationships. I don't mean when it's done briefly, as an aside, like if I'm talking to a classmate and he says, "Last week my girlfriend and I went to the mall and did this and that." That's fine. It's when someone I've literally *just* met starts gushing "Oh, my boyfriend and I have been together for two years, which isn't really such a long time but after my three marriages I'm wondering if I should still be with him." That's a LOT of information to drop in one go to a virtual stranger.

I've been thinking about this because that's the sort of person my new co-worker at RHA is. She's an older woman, in her 40s I think, and I just thought it was so strange that one of our first conversations was about the history of her failed marriages (three) and the difficulties with her current boyfriend. I mean, never mind that I wouldn't want to discuss these things with someone young enough to be my daughter...we just met. Isn't that a little, well, personal? (Also, if you have three failed marriages by the time you're forty should you really be considering a fourth one? I'm just saying, maybe you aren't cut out for the married life.)

I rarely talk about my relationship with Seanie unless someone asks about it. That is, unless I'm talking about something we did together. I don't really have a strong reason why, except that it just doesn't occur to me that my romantic history is the least bit interesting to strangers.
Tags: relationships, rha, tmi

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