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11 May 2010 @ 11:54 pm
Tuesday Night Social Hour, Part II  
Our small group had an 'off' week where we didn't have any Bible/Christian-related materials to study, so we had a game night.

That meant spending an evening with the board game Cranium. It's a fun game, but man - winning takes forever. I mean, we're practically talking Monopoly scale. I guess the problem is no matter what group I'm in, our brains don't go on the same wavelengths. You know how it goes. Someone acts out a concept and you're like "...buh?" You hum a tune and everyone else stares at you blankly. (Seriously, I suck at humming. I think the only thing I could reproduce in a recognizable format is the theme song from I Dream of Jeannie.)
I do OK on trivia, though, and people figure out my drawings most of the time. So at least I'm not completely useless.

It's funny. You'd think going to these church group meetings would encourage me to go regular services more, so that I feel caught up with what we talk about each week. Not so. I get lazy, and blow off the sermons. Very bad.