Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Fondue at Rok in Sunnyvale.

To celebrate the May trifecta of the anniversary of my grandmother's death (I guess that's more of a memory than a celebration), my birthday, and my mother's birthday, my family went to Rok in Sunnyvale, California for a dinner of awesome.

Well, more accurately we went for fondue.  The decision was made a week before, thusly:
Daddy: Where do you want to go for your dinner with Uncle Tom?
Mom: Let's go to Kirin's again.
Me: No, we always go there!
Mom: Well, do you have any ideas.
Daddy: Well, then we'll just go to Kir-
Me: WAIT!!!
Me: I have an idea!
Daddy: *waiting*
Mom: *waiting*
Me: (What's a place so expensive I can't convince Seanie to take me?
Mom & Dad: ...where?
Me: Uh...

So Mom goes on Yelp and finds Rok.  And I'm like, sweet!  Fondue!  How exciting!  Fast forward to tonight.

Myself, Seanie, my uncle

On the walls of Rok were tons of photos from around California.  Wildflowers, granite cliffs, rivers, nature shots.  In the middle of each table was a heat pad that the servers would turn on whenever they brought a fondue pot.  It was cool.


Mom, Dad, Kenny

We decided to get a cheese fondue, main course (MEAT!!!) and dessert fondue.  The main course is kinda cool because they bring you your raw meat on a hot rock (supposedly heated to 600 degrees) and you cook the meat to its desired tenderness yourself.  Super yummy.  Seanie and I decided to split a chunk of buffalo meat.  It tastes like beef, but more game-y.  Leaner.   There were two cheese fondues: Swiss & California Garlic. (I think?) 


Cheesy goodness, complete with vegetable and bread bits for dipping


Yum.  Just look at that cheese dripping.  It makes me drool just remembering!


Both Kenny and my uncle got scallops and shrimp.  It looked delicious.


But scallops can't compete with awesome, delicious buffalo beef! <3


Pop also decided to go with a nice chunk of beef.

We also got dessert fondue - Dark Chocolate and White Chocolate Raspberry.  Utterly droolworthy. We were given fruit, cake, marshmallows, and other fun snacks to dip.

Raspberry and white chocolate melting down.


Chocolate makes me *so*very*happy*

Delicious. <3


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