Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Kitchen remodel, 2010 - Last photos?

Kitchen remodel is almost completed.  I think the guys will be coming again once or twice next week to finish little details here and there, but it's basically completed.  Mom plans to start moving all our dishes and small appliances back in this weekend.

Fresh roses, from my Dad to my Mom.  Pink ones for their anniversary (late), yellow ones for Mother's Day (late), and the orange ones for her birthday (early).  Also, contrast between the paint color and the tiles.

Sure, it looks roomy now, but once we move the table in I bet it's going to be crowded.

As long as Mom is happy, that is all that matters, since she's the one who will be cooking in here.  I hope to be moved out before long!

Tags: kitchen, photo

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