Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

So I haven't gone to class in a while...bite me!

I have been having technical difficulties in the getting-to-school department all week. On Monday I stayed home to work on my art homework and on Wednesday I ditched with Heidi so we could stay at my house and watch Fushigi Yuugi. I thought it was a worthy excuse. Really. Heidi was not in a good mood. But I need to stop skipping classes. I do need to pass some of them to graduate, and I ought to raise my grades so that I can get money from Daddy.
I've been working on one of my top-secret projects all week. More on that later, if I feel like spilling...
Oh, Plushenko. (Obsessions are good for you. Totally. Especially the sequined ones.) Sadness!! He hurt his knee, and won't be skating in the World Championships - therefore, he won't be able to defend his title! First he lost the Olympic gold, and now this! **sob** Seriously, though, it's a bummer, 'cuz I wanted to see him skate sometime between now and July. But I can wait 'til then, since he still plans to do Champions on Ice.
**whistles** I bought fruit-flavored fortune cookies today. Banana, lime, orange, and cherry/strawberry. Nummy. I've only eaten a few of them, though, because I want to have them tomorrow to share with Kris and Heidi, who will be driving me to the DMV. (One of them will, anyway...I don't know which one. I asked 'em both to do so, because I want to play after I fail that test!)
Well, having given you a completely useless update on nothing, I will go pretend to have an interest in Economics.

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