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Whoa birthday what what?

Yeah, so today was my birthday and I turned twenty-six, which means I'm officially in the second-half of my twenties, and I'm officially old.  Ick.  I am so going to keep telling people I'm twenty-three if they ask.

Birthday or not, I had to work today, so I was off at RHA from 8-4.  Not much to report in regards to that; it was a pretty quiet day.  I did homework, goofed off on Facebook, and blogged.  Y'know.  Normal stuff.  My co-worker came in two hours early - I was scheduled 'til 5 - so I stayed until I clocked eight hours and then took off for home.

Seanie was waiting for me at the house with a delicious strawberry pie from Gizdich Ranch.  This was exactly what I had requested for my birthday.  It's a mountain of glazed strawberries (the freshest, ripest berries imaginable) in a crust.  It's amazing.  I made him cut us fat slices and we had sweet, sweet pie. Om nom nom.

My friends had wanted to take me out to dinner, so we met up at Kitty's house.  No one had any idea where to go, so I had to pick a restaurant, which kinda sucked since I never seem to know any good places.  I suggested Chef Ko, because Seanie and I like it, and everyone agreed that Chinese would be OK so off we went.


The food was amazing, as always:

Your eyes do not deceive you...that is strawberries and shrimp united on a single delicious plate.

...considering it was just four girls, we may have over-ordered a smidge.  But all the food just looked so good!  All things considered, we packed away most of it pretty well:

After we finished dinner, we went back to Kitty's house for MORE STRAWBERRY PIE because she had baked one, too.  YUM.  But we were waaaaaaaay too full to eat it immediately, so in the meantime we played with Kitty's dog, Barky.  (To be honest, about half an hour of a pet is enough animal interaction to get me through a month, but everyone else was really into so we played with that pug for hours.)

Yes, we dressed the dog in costumes.  Apparently, Barky doesn't mind.  (I wonder about that...)

Kero and Barky

Kitty's taught Barky to sit, roll over, high-five, and eat treats.

Sandy, my globe-trotting fish-loving amiga from high school, came by around ten and was followed by Seanie.  We all ate Kitty's strawberry pie and it was AWESOME.  Mountains of whip cream and calories.  True love.

Final group picture:

As usual, we took the photo at the end of the night when we were all stone-dead tired.  Le sigh.  SOMEDAY we'll remember to do it at the beginning of the evening when we're still fresh and lovely.
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