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RHA's First Brunch

We tried something new at work today.  The Club Committee, in an effort to provide residents with a chance to get to know each other while raising money for the daughter of one of RHA's Directors, has decided to have a monthly brunch.  Originally, they wanted to do it EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND, but that's a tad ambitious and I doubt there's enough public interest to support it.

So I came in at 8 am to find the General Manager scrubbing price tags off of spoons.  I clocked in and joined him.  We went through an entire bottle of Goo Gone before all the sticky bits were removed...weird way to start a morning.  Then I set tables and prepared expense chits for people to sign when they arrived.  Food was being prepared and I could smell french toast, sausage, and bacon.  Man, it was good.

Not too many people came. Out of a community with 400+ homes, we had about forty people show up.  That's pretty small.  BUT it was enough to excite Fran (the head of the Club Committee) and convince her to hold another brunch next month.  *shrug*  It's all the same to me...I mean, I get paid whether people are having a brunch or the Clubhouse is empty, but if some event's happening I'll usually get free food.  Today I got muffins, a ham-and-cheese omelet, hash browns, and fruit.  Om nom nom.

I did meet someone interesting, though.  The General Manager is usually off on Sundays, but he came in to play bartender for the brunch.  (Yes, we were offering Bloody Marys at 9am.)   He had a young friend with him - Uziah? Uriah?  something like that - who was probably about my age.  Maybe a few years older.  He was born and raised in Montana, but has dedicated his life to mission work and currently lives in the Philippines, where he pastors, raises pigs, and does all sorts of useful things for the small community he lives in.  Every year, he comes to the United States for a few months and works odd jobs in construction to earn the money he uses to fund his mission work the rest of the year.  Isn't that cool?  I was really impressed with his dedication and personality; he's probably one of the sunniest people I've ever met.  

After work I hung out with Seanie.  In the evening we went out with Sandy for pearl tea.  It was funny.  Ash and Josh were going, too, but each of them thought they were meeting Sandy alone.  They were a little disappointed to arrive and realize it was a group event.  Everyone wants to spend personal time with Sandy :-p
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