Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

5 Blogs I Am Into Right Now

1. (The Customer Is) Not Always Right
Years of working retail made me a bitter, angry person, but reading some of the stories submitted to Not Always Right reminds me that I am not alone.  Although I confess to feeling somewhat terrified that the idiots I met at Bath & Body Works, Lush and Kohl's apparently have many, many cousins throughout the world.  Le sigh.  

2. My Ex-Wife's Wedding Dress

The basic premise is pretty funny: Guy gets a divorce, his wife refuses to take her wedding dress, he decides to find 101 ways to use the wedding dress.  So far he's done gas caps, a scarecrow, and pasta strainer.  But what I really like about the blog is he talks about more than just the ways he's abusing the dress.  He gets into the emotional impact of the divorce, how it's affected his life and relationship with his kids, that sort of thing.  The blog's a form of therapy for the guy, and pretty entertaining too.

3. My Milk Toof
Little teeth go out and have adventures in a miniature world.  Yeah, that premise sounds dumb, but My Milk Toof is seriously adorable.  It's really impressive, too, since creator Inhae has to make tiny furniture and accessories for her diminutive characters, and all the stories are told through captioned photography.

4. Regretsy
I love shopping at Etsy.  I totally buy into the whole idea that handmade goods are superior to the mass-produced crap you buy at Wal-Mart.  But for every skilled craftsman making lovely corsets, jewelry and pottery there's someone making crap that makes you go "Huh buh whaaaa?"  Regretsy finds the ugly, the stupid, and the pointless and mocks the hell out of it.

5. Candy Blog
The blog is exactly what the title says: a blog about candy.  The author's a professional photographer so there's always tons of gorgeous, mouth-watering photos as well as thoughtful, thorough reviews of chocolate, toffees, caramels and other sweets.  Candy Blog has been around for a while now (since 2005 at least) so there's a sizable database of candy reviews.  If you're curious about a new chocolate bar or want to find something different to try, chances are Candy Blog's already found and taste-tested it.
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