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Oh, it's a freaky freaky world out there!

So this girl was home alone one night watching TV, sitting on the floor with her face inches from the screen. It was in December, the dead of winter. Snow had been falling all day. Behind the TV was a sliding glass door. She looked up from the TV, and saw a man suddenly appear, staring at her through the glass.
She screamed, and ran to the phone. She called the cops, and was so scared that she took the phone with her and hid under a blanket until the police arrived.
The police went outside and looked in the snow for footprints. There were none by the glass door. Perplexed and puzzled, the officers went inside the house. On the floor, they saw wet footprints in front of the television.
"Miss," one of them said to the young girl, "You are exceptionally lucky."
"I am?" she was surprised. "Why?"
"Because," he replied, putting his hand on her shoulder, "The man you saw wasn't outside at all. He was standing here behind you. What you saw was his reflection."

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