Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Party Party Happy Graduation!

Yesterday was just soooooo busy!

See, SJSU's graduation ceremony was Saturday morning, and I have several friends who graduated. Most of them had parties to celebrate. Usually I'm not too busy on the weekend, but this weekend was just one event after another.

After work, Seanie picked me up and drove us over to Kelley Park, where Rhi was having her graduation party. It had been going all day, and I only showed up for the tail-end of it, but it was fun. We ate watermelon and brownies and hung out with Rhi and her family. As we were cleaning up, some balloons got stuck in a tree, and we must have spent over half an hour trying to get them down, using sticks and water bottle lassos and I don't know what all. We finally managed to dislodge the balloons after Seanie stuck me on his shoulders, but not before a lot of dorky footage was captured on Seanie's camcorder. That will be fun, once it hits the Internet.

Seanie's car was giving us some trouble; it wouldn't start in the afternoon, so we drove mine to Rhi's party, but when we drove back to work to pick his car up it worked fine. Really weird.

After an hour or two at my house to 'rest up' we went over to Ash's house to celebrate her graduation from SJSU. I don't really know many of her friends very well - some of them went to high school with me, but I didn't know them. Others went to school with her at UC Davis, which she attended before transferring to SJSU. I ended up spending most of the evening hanging out with Kero and Sandy. I had been up since 6am, and I was getting super-groggy, so Seanie and I didn't stay all that long.


Today Danyelle from Lush is having her graduation party. I mean to go, but I'm so tired that I might have to skip it. Does that make me a bad friend? Sometimes it's just so frustrating to be on a working student's schedule, working weekends when all your friends are free.
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