Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Blood Blister = So Gross

So yesterday afternoon I was getting ready to jump in the bathtub - I'd thrown a pink bath bomb in the water, I had a pile of books piled up to read - when I noticed I had this big dark red splotch on my toe. At first I thought it was a tick, but I couldn't figure out how one would have gotten through my boots and my socks when I went hiking on Monday. (Also, it'd be one fat tick - the spot is about the size of an eraser head.) I wanted to ignore it and jump in the tub, but I kept thinking "What if this is something bad?" so I put a robe back on and hopped down the stairs to consult Dr. Google, who told me that I probably had a blood blister.

A blister? That's cool, I can just ignore those, right? But the websites (namely Wikipedia...yes, I KNOW it's not reliable's so easy to use!) I visited had ominous statements like "Consult a doctor" and "Keep it elevated and iced" which seemed like overkill for a mere blister, so I took a photo of my foot and sent it to my Dad.

He told me not to worry about it, so I went back to my bath and resumed my normal sluggish existence.  When he got home that night we had the following exchange:

Daddy: So let's see that troubled foot.
Me: **sticks out foot for him to see, twisting comically so that he can see the little toe**
Daddy: Yup.  Blood blister.
**He pokes it.**
Does it hurt?  Your whole toe is swollen up.
Me: Not at all...
Daddy: That's weird.
Me: toe always looks like that.
Daddy: ...
Me: They're all freakishly misshapen as a result of wearing shoes that were too small when I was a kid.
Daddy: I guess so!

Tags: injuries, photo

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