Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Free food, hooray!

I've been given a lot of free food this week, thanks to work.

We've had events almost every day - which is actually pretty unusual for RHA - and every time there's been an event, the host/hostess has offered me a plate of food. I have learned to never turn down a free meal, because you never know where your next one will come from. It's been a good deal.

Today was even nicer. One of the women who lives here popped in to pick some papers up and chat. She was planning to go to the farmer's market and get her weekly produce, and pick up some kettlecorn for her grandson's soccer team. Well, I guess she felt bad for talking on and on about fresh fruit when I couldn't go out and get any, and/or she's just a really sweet person, but she came back about an hour later with a HUGE back of freshly-popped kettlecorn and a fresh juicy peach for me! It was so nice of her! I was excited for the rest of the day (because kettlecorn is just that good!)
Tags: food, rha

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