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Movie: Clash of the Titans

Jeannie, Seanie and I went to see Clash of the Titans tonight.

My honest reaction?  Well, that was a clusterfuck of confusion.
I'm referring to the mythology, of course.  Since Clash of the Titans is a remake of a movie from 1981, some of the mythology weirdness can be blamed on those the Kraken.  Hello?  Not a Titan.  Not even Greek.  The Kraken was a monster from Scandinavian mythology, and was a squid-like creature, not a fishy humanoid.  This bugged me when I saw the first Clash of the Titans, and it bugged me again today.
But the new Clash of the Titans had its own bizarre moments.  I mean, djinn?  Why?  Why, movie?  Not only was the appearance of Arabian mythological creatures a little strange, the character design was awful.  The djinn are supposed to be men who have gained immortality by turning their bodies into stone (if I understood the movie correctly) but they look rather like the Nome King with blue LED lights for eyeballs.  The size of the djinn is really inconsistent, too.  In some screen shots, he looks twice as tall as the other heroes.  In others, he's only a couple of inches taller. 
Clash of the Titans 2010 also introduced a love interest for Perseus.  No longer does he fall in love with Andromeda, the princess he seeks to saves.  Instead, Perseus falls for Io, a mysterious woman cursed with no point in the plot agelessness who follows him on his quest to seek the Stygian witches and kill Medusa.  Io, who watched him grow up and did nothing to help him or his mother when they were cast into the sea by Perseus' earthly father.  I mean, dude.  She's shown watching the box containing Perseus and his mother float away into the water at the beginning of the movie, and later in the movie she proves to be a tough warrior babe.  Couldn't she have like, y'know, saved him or something?
I guess you're not supposed to pay attention to stuff like that.  But while on that topic, as Jeannie pointed out, in Greek mythology, didn't Zeus turn Io into a white cow, not grant her immortality?  And wasn't she already a nymph, not a human woman?  I wonder why the movie producers picked *that* particular character to stick into this revamped Clash of the Titans.

OK, enough bitching about the mythology.  I could go on for days if I let myself.

Was it a good movie?
Well, no.  Sam Worthington's acting consists of grunts and scowls, near as I can tell.  But he's good for action scenes, and there's tons of fighting to go around.  It was very diverting.  Many of the character designs were quite excellent, too.  I loved the obvious nods to the Minoan art in the fashion of the dancers and the hairstyles of the warriors.  Medusa looked fantastic.  The Kraken looked good.  The gods were waaaay too shiny (why was everyone wearing armor polished to the high heavens?) but looked regal and stately. 
So it was an entertaining movie.    I don't know that I'd watch it again...but it was fun.

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