Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,


So tired.

Last night, there was a party at RHA. I think it was a graduation party. The Clubhouse was decked out with bright yellow tablecloths and fairy lights around the walls. When the lights were turned down low, it looked nice. A lot of people came. 100+. They were nearly all Indian...perhaps they were all of a family? Several families? Anyway. Around ten pm or so they started dancing, and oh. OH. NO. The place began to reek. The combination of body odor and the curry dinner served earlier in the evening made for a killer stench. Even with the door to my office closed, I could smell them.
(Before anyone calls racist on me, I willingly concede that a party of 100+ white people eating curry and then dancing for several hours would probably smell just as bad. But that combination wasn't at RHA last night.)

So the party went on past midnight. By the time everyone had cleaned up and I had driven home, it was 1 am.

Normally, that's not so bad, but I had to be back at RHA today at 8 am. I seriously considered sleeping at RHA on one of the couches, and just using one of the facility's showers, but I figured the cleaning crew would wake me up or somehow, someway, a resident would find out and complain.

But man. I am so sleepy. All I can think about doing is going back home and crawling into bed again.
Tags: rha

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