Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Work drama ~ kinda

So my co-worker at RHA is very enthusiastic for the job. That's usually a good thing, but at times she comes across as waaaaaaaaay too interested in changing/improving the way things are done. I get that she wants to impress the powers that be - after all, she's only a temp. and she's probably trying to land a permanent gig - but she's overzealous at times.

For example, the first week she started she immediately wanted to learn how to process parking citations because she saw me doing it and wanted to learn everything I knew. That's fine. I wish that her predecessors had been so interested in taking on special projects. But it was her very first week, and I thought she should focus on getting the more basic tasks down like making parking passes, entering insurance expiration dates in the central database, and filing paperwork, so I told her not to do any without me. The next week she did a whole bunch of 'em without me, and I had to re-do several of them because they were incorrect. Oh well, beginner's mistake. (She never did learn to do the filing, though. Note to self: Bring that up next time we work together.)

But from almost that first week, she's been wanting to tweak/re-do everything. She thought the database program we use was out of date because it doesn't collect the e-mail addresses of residents; this is a valid point. However, she wanted to go in add the field into the database and then add all 300+ email addresses in. I was like, why create extra work if you don't have to? The database isn't connected to the 'Net in any way, so there wouldn't even be much of a point to adding emails to it.

She re-wrote the contract agreement for renting the Clubhouse - on her own initiative, not at the request of one of our bosses. She thought holding on to certain papers was redundant, so she didn't - again, on her own initiative. She volunteered to start taking the minutes at board meetings, which is fantastic, but she spends days (literally) editing and re-editing them until the wording is perfect. Is that...normal?

I know some of her activities have annoyed our boss, like when my co-worker decided to rearrange the supply cabinet (again, on her own initiative). I get annoyed for different reasons - if she's got all this energy, why doesn't she clean up the kitchen? - but I wonder if I just get crabby because her productivity makes me look like a slacker. And like I said, she's trying to get a permanent position, so I can see why she'd want to make a good impression. But there's such a thing as overstepping your boundaries too, right?

I mean, if I were my boss, I'd think my new co-worker was gunning for my management job, and I would not be a happy camper about that.
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