Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Summer Travel Plans

It's almost officially summer, and school is almost done. (Tomorrow is the last official day of classes.) Naturally, my thoughts have turned to travel and escape. I've got two big trips planned this summer.

In July, Seanie and I are going up to Ashland to see the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Six plays in four days! It's a grueling schedule:
- Henry IV, Part One
- Throne of Blood
- The Merchant of Venice
- Hamlet
- Twelfth Night
- Pride and Prejudice
The play I'm most excited to see is Throne of Blood, a stage adaptation of an Akira Kurosawa film based on Macbeth. But all in all, should be a good variety of shows. (Sean had no input in the play selection. I hope he's not too bored...)


Later in the summer, near the end of August, my family is heading to the East Coast for the internment ceremony of my grandfather's ashes at Arlington. My parents will only be there for the ceremony, but Sean and I will be staying a few extra days to explore the area. I don't know if we'll just stay in the DC area or try to go up to Boston or somewhere else yet. It'll be awesome, either way.
Tags: vacation

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