Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

The spring quarter is over, HOOOOOORAAAAAAAAY!

My art class crew: Lauren and Darby in the front; me, Ano, Masako and Ryan in the back

We went out last night to celebrate the end of the semester. We're all heading off in different directions now: Darby's off to Chico State, Ano's going to the Academy of Art up in San Francisco, and Ryan and I are (knock on wood) off to SJSU.

Darby and Masako. Can you believe Masako's our teacher? She looks so young!

So we were at this Top Cafe place, right? Masako and Ano immediately launch into this super-serious discussion about politics in Iran, where Ano's from, and that country's place on the world stage and all this Deep Thoughtful conversation stuff. What do the rest of us talk about? Ryan's vomit-colored food. Life drawing models getting boners. We're so mature. Trying to listen to both conversations at the same time was super-confusing.

I'm gonna miss everyone!
Tags: deanza, photo

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