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And you're back again, only different than before

Well, I got the tickets for the ice skating show! Now I just need to figure out how to weasel backstage and it's ALL GOOD! But those are details and I promised not to talk about figure skating for a while.
I finished the Incarnations of Immortality series by Piers Anthony today. It was sad. Not the end; the end wasn't happy but it didn't make me cry or anything. The realization that the series was over did, though. I really liked how the stories messed with my reality perceptions when I read them. But now the series is done...ah, well. That's what re-reading is for. The final chapter pissed me off; I didn't want the series to end like that! But since none of my friends have read the series (the one girl I tried to get to start reading it couldn't get past the first chapter because it was too hard or she had to read one of those icky formula books) I can't talk about it with anyone. That makes me want to kick something. Grrrrr...
I went to Valley Fair Mall with my aunt because my cousin Sarah needed shoes. Not just any shoes; it had to be Adidas Superstars II, white with black stripes. They didn't have it at Lady's Foot Locker, so we had to trek over to the regular Foot Locker to continue our search. The guy waiting on us was a gimp (Bit of a shame. If he wasn't sick he wouldn't have been too bad-lookin'.) He couldn't move too fast due to his physical problems, so while he was trying to find Sarah's shoes she braided my hair. She was halfway down my back when I heard a voice and thought I was going insane. It was a voice that I never expected to hear outside of class; indeed, I was positive it was just my twisted imagination. The voice didn't fade away, but grew louder. Creepiness.
Spaay? Here? I thought, confused. No way! My brain must be fried! But I turned and there was Spaay walking out of Foot Locker. Weirdness...people need to stay within their proper boundaries, and seeing Spaay outside of school is one of those boundaries. Eeek.
But I didn't buy anything that whole trip, which was kind of a bummer. However, I have now decided that what I need is a pair of orange converse shoes. Just gotta save up the dough to get 'em.
Today (well, tomorrow technically) I will also be investing in subscriptions to Ribon and Nakayoshi. Yay!

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