Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Art Museum Field Trip!

Darby and I went to Stanford's Cantor Arts Center because Darby had a homework assignment for his art history class, and I just like art museums. The selection on display is really diverse - they try to get art from all time periods, all around the world, so your Ancient Egypt gallery (which is actually a single glass case) leads directly into your African Art gallery which leads to your Rodin bronzes wing, and if you then walk across a hall you can wander through the jumbled Asian art galleries, up a flight of stairs into North and Mesoamerican art which will finally deposit you in the room dedicated to Greek/Roman/Medieval/Renaissance/Baroque art. It's quite a hodgepodge.

I think that the Cantor might have a much bigger collection, and simply a small display area, because the items they have on display are gorgeous. The paintings in the European gallery all looked as if they'd been recently restored. Cases were filled with Greek vases and amphorae. The pieces in the Asian collections were all in fantastic condition and tended to be fairly impressive works. There just weren't that many of them out.

I had to speed through because we were on a time limit. I think that if I were browsing slowly, reading all the plaques and analyzing each work, I could have spent about two hours there. Since it's free to browse, I might have to wander back on my own sometime and launch a more thorough investigation. Actually, I wonder if I should look into volunteering at the Cantor? I need to start seriously racking up some art museum cred, and I've been hampered by the fact San Jose's art museum focuses on contemporary art. Stanford's only half the distance San Francisco would be...I shall have to look into this later.
Tags: art, art history, museum

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