Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

So you can survive where law is lawless.

Today is the first Saturday of the month. Do you know what that means? Money. After my mom gave me my pittance of an allowance ($20 does not cover the needs of a month, Mother. Heck, it doesn't cover lunch for a week.) we went to the De Anza flea market. Mom went to find bargains. I went because it's a stipulation for recieving my allowance if I want to bypass the 'clean room' law.
I think I need to take a quick moment to explain how my allowance is paid. I can earn it one of two ways:
1/ Clean my room, the downstairs story, and the upstairs hall. This also includes scrubbing toilets.
2/ Wake up at seven a.m. and go to the flea market with my Mom
While at the flea market, I found a copy of 'Akira' on DVD which was selling for $10. 'Akira' is supposed to be one of those landmark anime movies, what with its high quality animation and tale of violent corruption and all that lovely stuff. It's one of the anime you are required to see by otaku law. Besides, $10 is cheap for anime. I bought it, of course. Mom spent tons of money on books, and bought me 'Frankenstein' and 'Dracula.' I already have both those stories, though, in a marvelous compilation horror book. So I thanked her and began to mentally plot how to get rid of those books, which made me feel guilty. But not really.
After much begging and pleading, Mom agreed to go to Mitsuwa as well. I hate Mitsuwa. That store jacks the price up something awful on all its food. But the bookstore and cd store attached to it are awesome, and I love them. I found the latest issue of Asuka today (I was looking for Ribon and Nakayoshi, though -_-) so I purchased a copy of it. It cost me $6.06, which is a heckuva savings over getting a subscription and having to deal with shipping. And I now have a nifty furoku 'compact notebook.' It was painful, though. I was paying for the book when the saleslady said something in Japanese that I couldn't make out 'cuz I wasn't paying attention (cute guy with blue hair walked by holding a Gackt CD), so I went "Eh?" She blinked, and repeated in a horribly condescending tone, "It's six dollars six cents." So I knew she'd said the total in Japanese and now thought I was a stupid idiot who was buying a comic book that I couldn't read. (Which is true. But she wasn't supposed to find out!)
So I came home and popped Akira into the DVD player. Talk about violent. Blood spills every five seconds in that thing. But I watched it all the way through. When it ended, I was left with only one thought: Huh? Sorry, but that movie just made no sense whatsoever. At least I didn't pay too much for it.
Well, now I'm going to tackle Asuka. Want to hear something embarrassing? It took me about twenty minutes to read all the blurbs on the cover, and I couldn't understand half of them still because there's no furigana! Argh...

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