Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Little updates about nothing much, just a zen sort of weekend.

We have officially reached the halfway point for summer school. I have three weeks down, with three left to go. To celebrate this auspicious occasion (ha!) I had two midterms yesterday, one in each class, both of which went pretty well. I probably got a high B/low A on the Spanish test, and a high C/low B on the math test. I'm enjoying the quiet lull of post-test relaxation. I'll have to pick up the pace again once I return to school on Monday, but this weekend should be nice and peaceful.

It's so beautiful outside. Bright, sunny. It hasn't gotten super hot yet, but it will soon. By one or two in the afternoon, the heat will come in waves, but in the morning it's still cool enough that a walk would be quite pleasant. I love living in California, and the pleasant Mediterranean climate that keeps temperature extremes far, far away. I guess it keeps me ignorant of Nature's fury, living here. In a book I'm listening to, a character's feet have to be amputated after he was naked in wintry Chicago for less than half an hour. It was fifteen below zero. I can't imagine that kind of cold. I think 55 degrees is cold. Would that amount of time really be enough for frostbite to kill your feet completely?

I'm not up to much today. Going to work at the Clubhouse later, where I'll drink tea and try to get caught up on my book blog. On the way, I'll pick up a new audio book at AllEars Audiobooks in Saratoga. Maybe some Shakespeare? I'd like to be prepared for next week's trip.
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