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Sam's World

They say the world pulses and pumps with the heartbeat of a thousand bodies convulsing to a single voice. Or maybe they never said that and I merely made that up. I do that a lot.
My name is Samantha. I am a Junior in high school, at a small school called Branham. While it is in the wealthier part of town, the institution itself is a dump, looking like it ought to be smack in the ghetto. It is a home to happiness and pain, depending on which side of the wall you choose to stand.

The school is undisciplined, as is the student body. Plants grow up out of the cracks in the pavement as my fellow teens either prosper under our teachers' hands or slip between the cracks and disappear.

Some kids stand on one side of the wall, glaring enviously at the other side. An overweight girl, her face pinched and bitter, watches as Cammy the Cheerleader flounces by, her arm around a random jock. Jealous, she refuses to let anyone into her bubble as she stands on the spiked and painful side of life. Though few know it, this girl will go home tonight and try to drink her problems away. I pity her, for she has sold herself out. I would talk to her, but who listens to a shadow?

Cammy has her problems too, you know, even if she is cheerful today. She worked hard to get where she is now, even if she had to step on a few people to get there. She's anorexic. But even so, I admire her. It takes a lot of guts to be a cheerleader at our school, where they are neither respected or liked.

I, myself, walk along the top of this wall, watching the inhabitants below. Some marching on a path to future glory, others being swallowed by the darkness and death.

For that is what Samael is. The Angel of Shadows, Darkness, and ultimately, Death. Forget Lucifer...he is beautiful if somewhat vengeful. He kills through to gain pleasure. Samael is the bitter one, who watches and waits, who uses her gift only if necessary to end incessant suffering.

And Samael, for all intents and purposes, is me. Observing and waiting, only interfering to prevent or end harm.

Welcome to my world.
Tags: drama, intro

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