Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

How to have the stage presence of a brick.

So I'm trying to find good seats for the 'Champions on Ice' performance in July. (When I get obsessed, I get obsessed.) Since tickets went up for sale last Sunday, the good seats are already purchased. Of course. Darn it all.
Weird trivia. I was reading earlier, and I looked down at my finger, and the nail was bleeding. I couldn't figure out where the blood was coming from. It appeared to be coming from beneath the nail, but there wasn't a cut. Weird.
Anyway. Today was blah. Zettai blah, man.
When nosing through the library records today, I noticed that Jessy has books that are overdue by at least two weeks. Ha. She hasn't been to school all week. Maybe someone kidnapped her in Cancun. But, if that happened, would anyone try to find her?
Kitty made a brilliant observation today. She said that Plushenko looks like an athletic, trim Nick Carter, who was my celebrity worship for about two weeks freshman year. The only other (American/Anglo) celebrity worship I've had that I can remember was Rob Thomas in 2000, and I think part of that might just have been to drive people nuts. But anyway. Ignoring Rob Thomas, there's something about them blondes. Eye candy, don't you think? I adore the threads. Russian cowboy = tres chic. (Dig the French? It's as good as my Spanish, man!) Anyway, this is the last entry I'll talk about figure skating in; at least until I find out more about my tickets.
I think I need to go out into the world and have some conversations, man. I've been so dull this whole week! Sammie go bye bye.

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