Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

More work at RHA?

Today my boss at RHA offered me a chance to take on some extra hours. Her father is doing poorly and is in the advanced stages of Parkinson's, so she'd like to cut back her work hours so that she can spend more time with him. When she cut back to only work four days a week, she gave me her Friday shift, and now she's offering me her Mondays and Thursdays as well. On the one hand, this gives me the opportunity to pick up a lot more hours and make more money, which is always swell, but I probably can't take them, since most of the classes I want to take are late morning or early afternoon, right smack in the middle of the shifts. Darn.

I'm happy that she offered me the chance to take the hours first. Sometimes I worry that the other office employee, Chris, is going to get all the extra hours because she has a lot more administrative/office experience. But while the general manager seems to prefer her, my boss (the office manager) doesn't seem to like her, because Chris has a habit of doing her own thing. Like, I'm glancing in her inbox last night and I notice she's got this long-ass list of all the addresses in the complex, and it looks like she's indexing cars or license plates or something. It's not a project I've been told about, and my boss would have been sure to mention if we were doing something so major. So whatever Chris is up to, it's without 'official' sanction. She has a tendency to do that, which will bug me at times because she'll make a bunch of changes and I'll be confused until she explains it. None of the other assistants I've worked with here took so much initiative. It's a little weird.

So do I want more hours, and more responsibility, and more money? Or do I want to keep my schedule as open as possible? In a way, I'm glad that my school schedule *probably* won't allow me to take the extra hours. I mean, I already don't have any weekends. I have to have some time to play!
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