Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Woo-hoo, summer school is over!!!

Yesterday morning I took two finals, and now the rest of my glorious summer vacation spreads out in front of me like a dream come true. <3

Of course, I'll still be working 30 hours a week so it's not as if I'll spend the whole time idling. But what shall I do?

My goals:
- See the Dorset exhibit up at the DeYoung museum in San Francisco
- Visit San Juan Baptista, or find another, equally interesting day trip
- See a play, maybe Shakespeare in the Park or another show down at Shakespeare Santa Cruz
- Get my hair cut and a facial
- Figure out my health insurance, which expires this fall
- Get new contacts

Let's see how much I get done this week. In less than two weeks I'll be in Washington DC. Yay! Vacation time!
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