Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Ashland, Day One

Seanie wanted to leave at the crack of dawn this morning, but we couldn't, because I had a Spanish test. (Lame.) It worked out in the end, though. Seanie dropped me off at my class at 7:30, and went home to pack because he hadn't yet had a chance to get his clothes and camera ready for Ashland. He came back to get me at 11:00, but had to wait for a while since I didn't finish my Spanish exam until 11:30. Oops.

We took my car, because it's newer and doesn't suffer frequent breakdowns like Seanie's car, but he drove. He doesn't like driving my Civic because it's so small. It cramps his legs.

On the drive to Ashland, Oregon (about 400 miles from San Jose) we stopped at Sonic and I got a Campfire Blast, an ice cream treat that claimed "It's everything great about campfire treats, minus the blazing heat. Our Campfire Blast starts with toasted graham cracker flavored real ice cream, then it's blended with chocolate covered marshmallows. A modern-day twist to a classic fav." Graham-cracker-flavored ice cream is surprisingly delicious. Unfortunately, Seanie managed to spill ice cream on the floor of my car. I tried to clean it up, but le sigh. I guess I gotta go to the car wash now.

We got up to Ashland around sixish, maybe six-thirtyish. After sitting in the car for so long my brain was in a bit of a fug and time had lost all meaning. Seanie was wiped out after driving the entire distance. We got to Oak Street Station, our B&B, just in time to meet the owners. They were very friendly.

This was our room:

The 'Christina Room' at Oak Street Station.

Of course, the first thing I did was jump on the bed. Why not? It was really comfortable. On the bed was this random toy frog, so I took a picture of myself with it, and another of Seanie passing out next to it.

Poor guy was just fried.

Goofy picture of Seanie in front of our bed & breakfast.

I wanted to go find some food, and show Seanie a bit of downtown Ashland before our first play. Yup. Like a crazy person, I had bought a ticket for an 8:30 show on our very first night in town. What was I thinking? We were to see Henry IV, Part One. Most of the shops were already closed in Ashland, so we just wandered aimlessly for the most part.

I'll write up Henry in another post. The play went until nearly 11:30, and we were soooo tired by the time we stumbled back to our room. Seanie had even fallen asleep during the play. (That was an expensive nap!)
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