Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

And once again, she has nothing to say but 'Boo.'

I'm looking at the 'Registered Persons' list for Fanime, which is an anime convention that takes place here in San Jose. It'll be in April this year, yahoo! Anyway, I feel like such a person pimp. I'm going down the list and thinking "I know that one and that one and that one and that one" What a small world Bay Area otaku live in. It makes me wonder, though; am I going to be stopping every five seconds at the convention going, "Danny! I did not recognize you in that Chichiri costume!" Maybe I'll just pretend I don't know anybody..."I know you from school? Really? Hmmm...nope I have no idea who you are. No, I do not sit next to you in Physics! Really!" I did notice that my friend Kitty has yet to register, which is bad, because she's going to be my ride there and rather *must* attend.
So I went to school today. I just wasn't sick enough. **cough** Darn it all. I got chewed out a bit by Mrs. Jones, because I didn't have the minutes from one meeting or another. My bad.

Random question: Why would a guy named "Barry" call himself 'Hoshi in the night?" Is it just me, or does that sound totally lame?

It just occured to me I could've put 'Samael' as my fan name for this convention. Darn.

Anyway, so I was surfing the web and I found some great photos of people being idiots. Mucho coolio. (Dig my Spanish?) I'd stick 'em up here, but I can't, so I'm going to go wander around my room picking up dirty clothes. Byebye.

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