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Ashland, Day Three

After another late night (Ashland's evening plays don't seem to get out until 11-11:30pm, so it's often midnight by the time we've stumbled back to the B&B and gotten ready for bed) Seanie and I were a little sluggish about getting up again, but breakfast is at 8:00am, and if you aren't downstairs you might miss it.

Oh my gosh, the cookies under the sign were chocolate with caramel inside and they were the BEST FRIGGIN' COOKIES EVER.
I think Seanie and I may have eaten nearly all of them.

Today's breakfast theme was South of the Border, starting with colorful 'Fiesta Fruit':

Seriously, folks.  Why doesn't fruit just grow on the tree like that?  Two kinds of grapes, apricots, bananas and an apple base.

There were stuffed peppers (which everyone avoided) and eggs and chorizo sausage.  The usual "Mexican" fare.  There were a couple of new faces, as two new sets of guests had arrived the night before, including a nice couple from Washington state.  (They were the only non-Californians in the group.)

As we walked out to the main area of Ashland, I spotted a sign for fresh-brewed ice tea.  I grabbed Seanie's arm and dragged him into the tea shop, which turned out to be an art gallery as well.  I drooled over several mugs, but the cheapest ones started at $25, so I was priced out.  But the tea was only $2, so I walked out with a plastic cup full of mango black tea, which I promptly spilled down the front of my white tank top.  I'm graceful like that.

Since we had covered a lot of shopping ground on Friday, I thought it would be fun to wander around in Lithia Park.  There are hiking trails, tennis courts, duck ponds, and plenty of places to frolic in the grass.  It was a lovely, sunny day.

Just in case anyone forgot, I have really long, frizzy hair.

I think Oregon, and I think green.  It was so lovely in the park!

In the park, there's a little area that's designed like a Japanese garden.  There was this little fountain, a stream, and neatly trimmed trees.

Seanie has big eyes.

Duck Crossing!

The ducks in Lithia park are seriously lazy.  Look at this guy!  Instead of swimming he's just standing on a rock.

So this little stone area looked like it might have originally been a fountain.  Once upon a time, Lithia Park was famed for its lithia waters - healthy mineral water that was good for drinking.  I'm wondering if this was one of the places visitors could wade or bathe in to partake of the healing properties of the lithia water?

I was spinning in circles for several minutes so Seanie could get a photo of my skirt in action.  It was exhausting.  I think I fell over right after this picture was taken.

Seanie as the Colossus at Rhodes


For lunch we just ate leftovers from Martino's.  (I had stuffed an entire bread basket into my take-out box.)  Cold chicken, fruit and soft fresh bread.  Yummy.   Then we hurried over to the Angus Bowmer Theatre (Oak Street Station was just three blocks away, so that was awesome) to see Hamlet.  It was the most unusual Hamlet I've ever seen, although I thought the female actresses were rather weak.  Yesterday, Seanie and I were walking down the street when we ran into one of the residents at RHA, where I work.  I'll call him CS.  He and his wife were also in Ashland, with a large group of friends, to see the show.  It was quite funny to run into an RHA person all the way up in Oregon, and even more surreal because the same thing happened when I went to Ashland last year.  I guess I'm just destined to meet up with RHA people in Oregon.  So weird.  Anyway, he was at the same showing of Hamlet so we talked to him during the intermission.  He was completely blown away by the actor playing Hamlet, for reasons I'll explain in another, Hamlet-centric post.

After Hamlet we were once again wandering the main street of Ashland.  We wandered in and out of bookstores, toy stores, and a music store called 'CD or not CD'.  (Hee hee.  Nerd humor.)  We were hungry, but it was hard to choose a restaurant because it was so hot.  I mean, you want something refreshing, not heavy pasta or thick creams and sauces.  So we went Japanese at Kobe, which was the Japanese restaurant with the best Yelp rating.   The food looked amazing:

'Surf 'n' Turf Sushi.'  Lobster tempura wrapped in rice and seaweed, with bean sprouts and Kobe beef on top.

Chicken Katsu, fried to perfection

Creme Brulee in three Asian flavors.  From left to right:   Green Tea, Ginger and Five Asian Spices.  
The last one tasted kinda like gingerbread.

The evening performance we attended was Twelfth Night, the last of the Shakespeare plays performed this year.  (It was also the only comedy.)   When I had listened to an audio performance of the play, it had made no sense, so I wasn't sure what to expect from the manic story.  It was interesting.  I'll go into more detail in another post.  (As always.)
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