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Movie: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

Seanie has been eagerly waiting for us to go see the Scott Pilgrim movie since...well, pretty much since he heard it was in production. We almost went to the first midnight showing; that's how excited he was. But he also has to work at 6am, so the lack of sleep would have killed him, so we put off the movie 'til Saturday night. Could Scott Pilgrim vs. the World ever live up to the hype in Seanie's head?

Well, no. But I don't think anything could have lived up to Seanie's dreams. But it was still a pretty good movie. We were both a little nervous about the casting of Michael Cera as Scott. I mean, yeah, Scott's a total loser and Cera seems to specialize in awkward losers these days, but Cera's just so...twitchy and aware of his awkwardness, while Scott seems to be floating through life on a raft of oblivion. But it worked. I was pleased.

Scott Pilgrim was a really, really fun movie. Post-production must have been a b*tch, because there was so much extra animation and effects added in to give the book a real comic-book aura. The battle scenes looked fantastic, whether it was the Bollywood-style fighting of Matthew Patel (first evil ex) or the amp. vs. amp battle of the Katayanagi twins. (I keep wanting to call them the Katamaris, which is just silly.) It really looks like the comic book, just created with a different medium.

A lot of the comic book's subplots were cut out, but for me this was fantastic because the fifth and sixth volumes seemed really dragged out to me. The story is condensed and a lot tighter, yet it feels complete. Seanie noticed a lot of stuff missing, since he had just read the comics the previous week, but I hardly noticed much of anything. What I did notice missing (big chunks of Envy and Gideon's back stories) I didn't miss at all. Especially Gideon. The sixth volume of the comic really got bogged down in Gideon and Ramona and their convoluted relationship; the movie cut through all that tedium nicely.
(I still don't see the point of that stupid Nega-Scott, though.)

In the end, I was really satisfied with the movie. Seanie was not. I think I may have even liked it better than him, which seems really weird, but I guess the higher your expectations the harder it is to meet them. It's totally worth seeing in theaters. Heck, I might even be willing to see it again.

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