Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

RHA: Third time wasn't the charm

Once again, I don't have a co-worker. I got an e-mail yesterday letting me know that my boss would be interviewing replacements for Chris today.

Buh? When I last spoke to Chris Wednesday morning she hadn't said anything about leaving, so I am a little confused. I don't think she's done anything to get booted? Well, I think that maybe she worked on projects without telling the management what she was up to, but I have no concrete proof of that, only suspicions. She didn't have a reliable phone for a while, but that's been resolved for a couple of months now.

At any rate, I guess my concerns in June proved to be well-founded.

I'm wondering if I should send her a message? I thought she was a good co-worker, so if she needs references I'd be happy to give her one. I liked her and will miss working with her. But if her leaving was not by choice, she probably will not welcome contact from me.
Tags: rha

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