Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

First day (kinda) at SJSU

I'm trying to crash-add a class at SJSU, so on Thursday I headed out to campus. The class starts at 1:30, so the morning rush of students was gone, but it was still pretty crowded. Walking past student organizations and clubs advertising their groups was a little weird. I can't get too interested because I'm not a "real" student yet, but I do want to be more active with student activities than I was at previous schools. (At least until the inevitable youth of my fellow students sends me scuttling to hide under a rock once more.)

I got to the classroom and it's tiny. Two long banquet-style tables with chairs haphazardly scattered around them make up the furniture. No desks? As students start filling the room, we're not even facing one way towards a teacher. It's a little weird. It is a writing class, though, so I guess this layout will help encourage peer interaction?

The teacher seems really nice. She couldn't add me today, because I'm the absolutely lowest priority as an Open University student. But she told me to come back Tuesday and see if anyone drops. I will. I figure that if I throw myself into the assignments and participate the hell out of the class, she'll feel bad about dropping me and just let me add. She already knows that I'm an art history major, which helps me. Her class is the only section of the art history department's 100W, and it is only offered once a year. If she doesn't let me take it now, I won't get another shot at the class until Fall 2011.

So let's hope she adds me!


Before school, I went to a day spa to get a facial. I've had this Spafinder gift certificate sitting around forever, and my skin just got ruined in DC. The humidity just made the psoriasis flair up really badly. I went to Serenity Day Spa, which doesn't have much to distinguish it except that it's close to my house, but it was really nice. The woman who gave me the facial, Nina, was adorable. I'll probably go back in a month or two.
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