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Aspirin helps prevent cancer!

I think I'm in love...
Pfft. Yeah right. I'm in celebrity worship-mode right now. It'll wear off in about a week or so. Lucky guy? Plushenko, of course. Any guy brave enough to skate around in silver spangles and a dopey haircut while performing the Biellmann spin is totally worthy of admiration. Plus he skates to Micheal Jackson. It doesn't get any better unless it's got Japanese writing on the package.
**achem** Anyway, so the Grammys have been on for about an hour now and I don't know who any of the singers are. That's kind of scary.
I'm trying to figure out ways to get out of going to school tomorrow. Can you tell I don't want to go? It's so dull and I'd rather work on my Japanese. Besides, I still haven't written my rough draft for my term paper. I want to procrastinate until the weekend, but I'm terrified about the note Mrs. C threatens to send home if it isn't turned in. I reeeally don't want to go to Leadership, though. **cough** **cough** Please let me get sick...**sniffle**
This is a short entry. Pfft.

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