Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Lazy Day at Home

Today was the first day in AGES where I could lie around the house like a slug and do nothing. Glorious laziness. <3

I finished The French Blue, a novel I've been working through since Washington DC. I wrote a bunch of journal notes for, mostly books I'd read in late July or August and never got around to writing out my thoughts. That felt great, like a decluttering of the mind, if that makes sense.

Finally got around to trying Casablanca Twist, one of Adagio's teas that I've had sitting around forever. It is super-refreshing, minty and green. Great for summer. (It may be September, but it's still summer!!!)

I was a little bummed that my computer was down. The screen wasn't working properly; Dad says it's the graphics card. Until it's replaced I'm using my brother's computer, which is a little awkward because it's not mine, y'know?

Hmmm...what else? Seanie came over and we watched a documentary about the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. That was pretty cool; they had computer simulations for the buildings that were above and beyond other documentaries I've seen. After Seanie left, I followed that up with the companion show about the New Seven Wonders, which was a little surprising. The new Wonders were chosen by Internet poll, so the results are completely unscientific. *shrug* But the sites that ended up on the list were surprising.

I hadn't realized that nearly half of the wonders were located in South America. Most of the selections made sense. The Taj Mahal is beautiful. The Great Wall of China is an amazingly ambitious building project. Machu Picchu's remote site and seeming lack of resources makes it an impressive testament to the Incan civilization. Same with the city of Petra. The Colosseum could be flooded and mock sea battles could be staged...that's pretty bloody epic. If you are going to slight The Great Pyramid at Giza, El Castillo/Chichen Itza is a good substitute. (But seriously...The Great Pyramid should have still been on the list, as the original surviving Wonder!)
But...the statue of Christ the Redeemer? Really?
That statue's friggin' ugly.

Sure, it's big, but it's not a Wonder.
Tags: documentary, lazy

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