Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Thanks for nothing, temps.

SO we got rid of the woman I was training last Friday. I kinda felt bad for her; apparently she had so little money she couldn't pay for her car's repairs when it broke down, and had to get her father to bail her out. (She's in her late 40s. Shouldn't she be taking care of her old man?) But she missed her first 'solo' shift, which screwed things up for the rest of us, and when she came in on Sunday she was calling me every fifteen minutes asking questions about what to do. Yeesh. But I do feel bad.

While I was working yesterday, I overheard some of the residents talking about all the turnover we've had:
Resident #1: What happened to Maria? She was a hard worker.
Resident #2: She hasn't been here in a long time.
Resident #1: Really!
Resident #2: Several months, at least. She was working so her son could go to school, maybe he graduated?
Resident #1: Who works there now?
Resident #2: Well, they just fired the latest one.
Resident #1: What'd she do??
Resident #2: I have no idea, she was such a hard worker. Always washed our dishes for us at parties.
Resident #1: It's so hard to find someone reliable.
Resident #3: Well, at least we can count on Suzi.
Resident #1: Who?
Resident #3: The one in there right now. She's really good!
Resident #2: Oh?
Resident #3: Yeah.
A brief pause.
Resident #3: She sounds like an 11 year old, though.

Resident #3 is a regular; he's always been a bit aloof. Glad to hear he thinks I'm OK.
Tags: rha

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