Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Party at Melissa's House

Last night Melissa had her annual BBQ cookout to celebrate her parents being out of town, giving her free run of the house. It was really fun to see all my old Lush co-workers, most of whom I haven't seen in a couple of months. (Summer school made me fall off the face of the earth, and I haven't really gotten around to getting back in touch with everyone.)

Kate's preggers! Apparently she's known for a heckuva long time - she found out right around Memorial Day, when we went hiking - but wanted to keep quiet about it 'til the first trimester was over. Now she's got a cute li'l baby bump.

I got to meet Amanda's beau, Jack, right before he ships off overseas with the Marines. He seems pretty cool. I'm notoriously bad about meeting my friends' significant others; Jeannie was in a relationship for two or three years and I never saw the guy. Melissa's apparently got a guy, too.

Everyone's hooking up or getting knocked up; I feel out of the loop.
Guess it's a sign I really need to work on getting my socialization back on track.

Tags: lush, party

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