Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Bandaid turns 26, oh boy!

Last night Bandaid came down from San Mateo to celebrate her birthday down here in San Jose. We met at Kitty's house, where her Mom was making pho, to celebrate.
(Since Kitty was helping her mom, she wasn't in many of the photos, and the ones we do have of her aren't too flattering, so I didn't include them.  Sorry, Kitty!)

Bandaid was wearing the cutest shirt.  I love it!

Naturally, if we go to Kitty's house we have to play with Barky, her dog.  He's so big now!  She's had him for almost a year now.  Crazy how time flies.  

Sometimes I feel a little concerned.  When we have kids, are they going to monopolize our attention as much as Barky does?  I don't know if I could handle that.

Normally, I'm not a fan of pho, but Kitty's mom makes it really, really well.  It tasted great.  Kitty says it's all about the broth, and the pho you get in restaurants usually uses cheap, crummy broth with little flavor. 

For dessert, Taitai (Kitty's husband) made a mock apple crumble thing.  It had pralines, and ice cream, and peanut butter.  (Why did I call it apple?  There's no apple in it anywhere!)

Yum.  Desserts are awesome.


Kitty, Bandaid, me, Kero
The four of us have known each other almost ten years now, crazy huh?

**Photos all taken by Bandaid.  I totally forgot my camera.
Tags: bandaid, birthday, friends, kero, kitty, photo

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