Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

I can't believe we're talking about Halloween already.

On Sunday night, the conversation somehow turned to costumes. I don't remember how, but it was decided that Kitty, Kero and I would go shopping for Halloween costumes. There's a big costume warehouse up in Mountain View that is reputed to have a great selection, so we decided to check it out.

It was in the middle of an industrial park, not a shopping area, which made the building a little hard to find. We somehow managed to find it. In the front room was mountains of make-up, piled all over the place, and an old woman who I think was suffering from dementia. She kept mumbling to no one and addressing the air. The warehouse itself had costumes hanging everywhere. For the most part, they were arranged by theme. Some of them must have been there for years - we saw a costume for Judy Jetson, how random was that?

I was disappointed with the offerings. The website had mentioned they had 'theatrical' quality costumes, so I'd hoped to find something on par with the rental shops, but all they had was the same cheap Leg Avenue / Made in China costumes you can buy from the Internet or Spirit Superstores. Too bad.

After discussing various options, we thought we'd probably best like to dress up as pirates - all eight of us. (Me, Kero, Kitty, Bandaid and the four associated boyfriends.) We also debated pin-up girls, characters from Alice in Wonderland or the Wizard of Oz, and of course skipping a theme altogether. But we've never really done a Halloween together, the eight of us, and there's so much variety within the word 'pirate' that it seemed like it'd be fun.

We left the warehouse in Mountain View without buying anything, but we had ideas. Then we headed back to San Jose to check out the costumes at Spirit, which we could at least try on. I took some photos, so here we are trying on some of the pirate-themed costumes.  (Also some pin-up girl costumes..because, you know.  That might have been fun, too.)



Tags: costumes, dress-up, halloween, photo

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