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10 September 2010 @ 08:58 am
Seanie the Anti-Carb Superhero  
Seanie's been on an anti-carb diet for the last two weeks. He's restricted his carbohydrate intake considerably, which makes our attempts to get food increasingly complicated because every time I want to eat out, he has to consult a menu to be sure he has a low-carb option before we can go. My mom tends to buy lots of carb-heavy foods and processed food snacks, so it's really hard to avoid them at home, too.

For a while he was at 200 lbs, but he's whittled it down considerably since. Since this carb thing started, he's lost about ten pounds, and right now he's fluctuating between 180 and 184 lbs. It'll be interesting how much of the weight is actually kept off once he starts "carbing it up", since he hasn't upped his physical exercise. Kitty thinks all the weight he's lost is just water weight. I wouldn't know one way or the other, honestly.
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whimsicalbeauwhimsicalbeau on September 13th, 2010 04:52 pm (UTC)
179, according to Wii-Fit this morning. (Nor my "real scale.)

Yeah, I'm a little concerned about what comes back too, but it's been fairly successful.

There's no way everything i've lost has been water weight, but the first several days of any weight-loss program tends to be Water. I'm not dehydrated now, and I'm consuming the same amounts in liquids as I was before.

Yeah, but according to the Nintendo, I reached the 1st major goal I had on the diet: being under 180. If it drops to 175 (i don't think it will) i'll have accomplished the 2nd, unlikely goal - at which point I probably will introduce more starches and sugars back into the diet.

In any case, we can probably eat out a little more often - I expected the Sushi to have a harder effect on the diet than it did, so I can probably relax a little.